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Maintenance Electrician


As you already know - Good Maintenance people are hard to find.


Our Priority Engaged solution is our Top Search Priority.


It is the same level as a retained search at other firms, but the fees are due in two installments:

  1. An up-front, non-refundable, Engagement Fee to start the Search.

  2. The remaining balance due upon the candidate's start date.

Who Should use Priority Engaged?

The Engaged Search and reserved for companies who are serious about Maintenance, Equipment Up-Time, Quality, and Employee Safety.

If you can manage production without a qualified and dependable Maintenance Mechanic -  you should choose a Contingency Search or post on a Maintenance Job Board.

Why Should we use Priority Engaged?

Engaged Search allows us to partner with our client, recruit for the position, sell the company value, and help build your Employee Brand.

Maintenance Technicians receive several calls a day regarding potential jobs.  As an Engaged Recruiter, it lets them know the company values our time and process and we are more than just a vendor.  We can sell your opportunity better.

Contingency recruiting is a race against time, and possibly a race against half a dozen other agencies.  Companies will give the same exact search to several agencies and then see who presents the candidate first.  Because of this, a contingency recruiter can only work for free for a short amount of time.  If they can't locate and present a candidate quickly, they have to move on to a search where they will get paid.


The Engaged Search allows us to spend the time recruiting, screening, qualifying, and presenting qualified candidates because we know the company is serious.  They have engaged us.  They have "skin in the game".  They value our time and our process.

How does it Work?

A $5k non-refundable deposit is required to start the search. 

This amount is credited on your final invoice when our candidate is hired (so it doesn't cost you any more money).


  • The total fee is 25% of the first years base salary only (we don't charge for bonus, benefits, sign-on, etc...).

  • 180-Day Replacement Guarantee

  • 10-Day Payment Terms

*Six-Month Replacement Guarantee, provided the final payment is received in our office within 10 days of the candidate's start date.

Replacement Guarantee
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