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The Food Recruiter

Since 2007, The Food Recruiter has been instrumental in placing Maintenance Mechanics and Maintenance Technicians who specialize in industrial equipment, commercial bakeries, food processing, and packaging equipment.

We support Commercial Bakery, Poultry and Meat, Seafood, Fresh Produce, Ready-to-Eat, Baking, Savory, Seasoning, Flavors, Beverage, Cheese, Dairy, Confection, Candy,  and Snacks.

The Food Recruiter specializing in connecting Food Industry experts with the best food companies nationwide.


Skilled Food Industry Professionals

Our candidates have a passion for food. 

Their education, skills, and experience allow them to make an immediate impact for your company.


Since 2007, we have developed a Remarkable Talent Delivery System that allows us to identify, screen. and qualify the leaders in the Food Industry.


Our 13-step proprietary process gets results fast.

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